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Friday, 24 July 2009

Three Common Job Hunting Mistakes

Here are the 3 most common mistakes that job hunters make - and slow down their successful search for a new job. Avoiding these mistakes could give you an advantage in the competition to find the right career.

Bad CV
Only one in 5 CVs that we see do a good job of presenting applicants for the UK job market. Your CV is your 1st contact with agencies and employers - in effect you should think of it as your first interview.. If your CV is sub-standard you will be at a serious disadvantage when job seeking.

Applying for jobs that you are not qualified for
Job descriptions state what skills, qualifications and attributes the job requires. If you don't match them you will have wasted your time applying for the position - you will find a job through the quality of your applications - not the quantity.

No covering letter
This is just plain lazy. Your CV should state who you are, what skills, experience, education and other qualities that you have but the COVERING LETTER tells the recruiter why you should be considered for the job you are applying for. Use this opportunity to show how you match the job requirements. This is our top tip for all job seekers as very few applicants take the time to do it and, if you do, you are more likely to succeed.

Finally - if you don't see a job that matches your skill set, write an introductory letter with your CV stating what you are looking for, where you want to work and what salary you are looking for. This will bring you to the top of any recruiters search as we match to specific requirements. If you don't know what you want - how can a recruiter?

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